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On Board Air

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gui air 1

One of the coolest projects was to setup a home-made air system, utilizing the existing a\c compressor.  This is an awesome option, since it provides you access to unlimited air for power tools and airing tires on the trail.

Now you too can be full of air ;)

I did a lot of research, and found some great info on the web.  A great site for additional information is Jon Hylands Jeep page which has a great diagram and details on how to build your own system.  I made a few modifications on his system, which can be seen at my onboard system diagram page by clicking here.   

The setup is fairly simple, and can be done with a few pieces of hardware found at stores like OSH or Home Depot.  I decided to go fancy on the second phase of my setup and move the gauge to the instrument pannel inside the car (it did no good under the closed hood;).  I also made the disconnects more accessible.  On the third phase, I replaced my dive-tank with a Mack Truck air tank, which is more compact, and I will be able to place under the car.

gui air diagram

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